Zoltán Tamási February 2016

Can PropertyInfo.DeclaringType really ever be null?

I'm using ReSharper (older version), which used to warn me when I use PropertyInfo.DeclaringType that it can be null.

It doesn't make sense to me at first and second glances. Is it really true, or is ReSharper a bit dumb and doesn't notice that it's a PropertyInfo, not a general MemberInfo?


Soner Gönül February 2016

PropertyInfo.DeclaringType property is inherited from MemberInfo.DeclaringType and from documentation:

If the MemberInfo object is a global member (that is, if it was obtained from the Module.GetMethods method, which returns global methods on a module), the returned DeclaringType will be null.

So, warning seems fine in that case.

taffer February 2016

It can be null if the property is defined in a module. In C# you cannot define such methods and properties without reflection (see PropertyBuilder). However, if you reference a VB.NET assembly, it can have such members.

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