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rd22 February 2016

How to get ServletContext object in the data layer?

My application runs as 2 separate parts, the web module runs in the tomcat container and the data layer runs as a separate java program in a different service and they interact using the database.

I want to access the ServletContext in the data layer, how can I do this?

When I simply use the ServletContext in the data layer it gives me an exception NoClassDefFoundError.


rd22 February 2016

So I took @Kayaman's advice. And tried to limit the use of objects in their respective layers i.e. using context in the presentation layer and the Hibernate Session in the Data Access Layer.

I passed the call from the Controller to the DAO and store the needed objects in a global map in the DAO which were later called for further processiong. And finally returned the signals back to the Presentation layer.

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