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Mayank Pandey February 2016

Tablix width is decresing in printout

I have 1 tablix in my report of 24.8cm width, i given a printout of this report, but in printout my tablix width converted into 23.8cm. pls tell me why this is happening?


Oceans February 2016

This might have something to do with your PageSize and the Margins. It's even possible that the table's border-width are causing it to be only just too wide to fit.
If there is not enough horizontal space on the page to place the entire table, the table will shrink in width.

Max Table's width = Page's width - (Margin-Left + Margin-Right)

So I suggest you try one of the following:

  • Reduce the size of the Left- or Right-Margin property.
  • Increase the Width of the PageSize property.

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