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green-dev February 2016

IntelliJ 15 Works Slow and eats 1GB of RAM

I just have installed intelliJ IDEA 15 but it's somehow laggy and uses a lot of RAM. Sometimes more than 1GB on my 4GB-RAM laptop. Are previous versions of intelliJ better in performance? How can i make it faster? And another problem I have is with Auto completion and correction. Where are these two settings? Cause it doesn't seem as good as Eclipse.


dubes February 2016

Usually if you have performance problems, the first place I would advice is to look at the plugins which are activated, perhaps you don't need those plugins.

File -> Settings -> Plugins Filter to show only enabled plugins

Secondly, intelliJ indexes your files so that all its wonderful searches and short cuts, so, if you have a huge project, the first indexing will take some time.

For tips on auto-completion etc. Take a look at the official docs. https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/help/auto-completing-code.html

Extra Tips
When I started using IntelliJ, I found lot of videos on youtube about how to use it, these tips have helped me get more productive. I don't want to start a debate on Eclipse vs IntelliJ vs Netbeans etc., but each IDE has a vision and a way it was intended to be used, so moving from one to another does need a ramp up time.

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