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PRADEEP M P February 2016

Testing multicasting on my kernel

I have linux kernel 3.14.28. i enabled multicasting to that kernel(config_ip_multicast=y,config_ip_router=y,config_ip_mroute=y, config_ip_ipip=y). finally my new kernel was build successfully and the kernel was UP. now how can i check multicasting on my imx6Q wandboard.

thanks for your comments


stdcall February 2016

The question is not clear enough.

I'll try my best any way.

Sending multicast messages is used by the usual UTP datagram API just to a certain range of IP's.

For receiving multicast, you need to join a multicast group using IGMP join message and wait on the socket.

BTW - The kernel doesn't handle multicast routing on it's own. a user space daemon must support it. check for mrouted, pimd or smcroute.

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