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Ashu February 2016

How to capture Data Truncation as an Error in informatica

i want to make my session fail when ever encountered data Truncation.

current scenario in my session i am using Teradata TPT script to load data from source to target.

sometime due to datalength mismatch data truncate getting load to target without throwing the error.

EX : souce is VARCHAR(15) and target VARCHAR(10) in this scenario my session is throwing warning only and internally it trim and truncate rest 5 character. and first 10 char load in to target.i want to make my session to fail if any truncation occur.

as of now through googling i tried two otpion

1) Reject Truncated/Overflowed rows i checked in this target proerty

2) Stop on errors i did set to 1

but still it doesn't solve the probllem.please suggest any other way make it achieve.


Gaurav A February 2016

In the post session check for the number of rows in reject when you select reject truncated rows and mark fail parent.

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