Kemy February 2016

TFS 2015 Build vNext recursive variable substitution

Is it possible that the variable substitution is not recursive?


Variable Value

SqlInstance (localDb)\mssqllocaldb

DbCatalogName FooDb

ConnStr data source=$(SqlInstance);initial catalog=$(DbCatalogName)$(Build.BuildId);

During the build the connection string substituted to: data source=(localDb)\mssqllocaldb;initial catalog=FooDb3211;

This configuration works perfectly. But if i move the BuildId parameter to DbCatalogName variable it won't be substituted.


Variable Value

SqlInstance (localDb)\mssqllocaldb

DbCatalogName FooDb$(Build.BuildId)

ConnStr data source=$(SqlInstance);initial catalog=$(DbCatalogName);

With this configuration the connection string is substituted to: data source=(localDb)\mssqllocaldb;initial catalog=FooDb$(Build.BuildId);

So how can i chain variables with vNext?


Eddie - MSFT February 2016

If you want the "DbCatalogName" variable contain the BuildID value, I recommend you to add an additional power-shell build step to set the value of "DbCatalogName".

The code to set a variable value:

##vso[task.setvariable variable=testvar;]testvalue

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