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14mcei February 2016

Android Shared Preference Still visible after Deleting File

I am trying an application where I am using Shared Preference. When I delete the preference file from data/data/com.your.package.name/shared_prefs/mySharedPref.xml manually using Android monitor, still the app is able to read the preference values. I am assuming that some how the value is retained in main memory of the phone. Am I correct & what is the viable solution to clear shared preferences totally leaving no traces. But one thing I want to clear preference only if the file is wiped. For this I need to check presence of file, Any other approach rather than checking with File class ?


Rahul February 2016

I think this code must work

 public static void clearAllPreference(Context context){
        SharedPreferences prefs = context.getSharedPreferences(PREF_FILE, Context.MODE_PRIVATE);
        SharedPreferences.Editor editor = prefs.edit();

Amit Vaghela February 2016

To remove specific values: SharedPreferences.Editor.remove() followed by a commit()

To remove them all SharedPreferences.Editor.clear() followed by a commit()

You use remove() to remove specific preferences, you use clear() to remove them all.

Checkout official documentation on SharedPreferences.Editor.

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