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VenkataKranti February 2016

IBM Mobile First Platform not taking the JquerMobile folder in Ubuntu Operating System

We are going to developing the Hybrid mobile application using JqueryMobile in IBM Mobile First Platform 7.1,Java 8, eclipse-jee-luna-SR2 4.2.2 and Jquery

When i am creating the application in that time i am trying to plugin the JqueryMobile it is successfully adding but not generating the Jquery folder in the application and also not able see the Jquery widgets in the Palette.

Above the process i total done it in Ubuntu 14..4 LTS. But i follow the same process in windows 10 operating system it will showing the Jquery widgets and also JqueryMobile folder created.

what is happening i am not able to understanding what is the difference just i tested in windows it's working but in the Ubuntu Not working

Please anyone suggested me why happening like this all.


kimd February 2016

I think this is a problem in the jquery.mobile-1.4.1.js that didn't exist in 1.4.0 and was fixed in 1.4.2.

They are using the "default" reserved keyword as identifier at line 3195. https://forum.jquery.com/topic/jqm-1-4-1-using-default-as-property-name-causes-syntax-error-on-some-platforms

And defect status is: https://github.com/jquery/jquery-mobile/pull/7119

Upgrade the jQuery mobile to 1.4.2, then it will be resolved. They renamed the "default" to "defaultDuration"

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