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eladyanai22 February 2016

Why Autowire of class Validator not working but working for GeneralValidator?

I have came across a weird behavior in my java class and wanted to understand what is the cause of such behavior, since investigating online didn't result with anything similar to my situation, I had to ask.

My java program using Spring Framework has a class named Validator, it's definition is as follows:

public class Validator {

Now, in many other places in my code I use this class with @Autowired annotation, like:

Validator validator;

When I try to fire up my service my .war fails with error: org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No qualifying bean of type [com.company.common.validators.Validator]

But if I add name to the @Component annotation like this:

public class Validator {

it works perfectly fine.

Why do I have to state the name of the validator class in the @Component annotation, when it is the same name? I have noticed that if I change my class name to anything else, for example: GeneralValidator it works fine without stating the name in the @Component.


Hasson February 2016

This is because of a conflict with org.springframework.validation.Validator (documented here), please note the documentation of the optional argument for the @Component (here)

The value may indicate a suggestion for a logical component name, to be turned into a Spring bean in case of an autodetected component.

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