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Love Dager February 2016

With the Openshift Bronze plan, do I still get 3 free small gears but no idling?

I'm now running a small plugin backend on the free plan, but sometimes it idles and takes 20+ sec to start. If I upgrade to the bronze plan, will it never idle then? And do I get to keep the 3 free gears?



timo.rieber February 2016

I've upgraded to the bronze plan over 1.5 years ago to overcome the free plan restrictions. It is really an upgrade without disadvantages. You still get 3 free gears, and they are not idling anymore.

Additionally you may benefit from

  • custom SSL certificates for own domains
  • up to 16 gears (e.g. useful when you have 2 apps and 1 jenkins server, you need temporary jenkins slaves for builds)
  • manage teams

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Asked in February 2016
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