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Eric MacLeod February 2016

My text size of a label won't change in kivy

I'm trying to add a label widget to my kv file but the text size won't change, as I understand it I think that the actual label size is changing because the label position should be at the bottom of the screen but it's in the middle of the screen when I run the script.


        text: 'Search Term: '
        text_size: 200, 200
        size: 200, 200
        pos_hint: {'bottom': 1, 'left': 1}

enter image description here


Eric MacLeod February 2016

OK, I fixed it, I just used markup text

    markup: True
    text: '[size=20]Search Term: [/size]'

I still don't understand why my original code doesn't work if anyone can explain because I only followed the kivy docs.

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