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Nicolai Jørgensen February 2016

how do I find and split polygons in QGIS

I have this shapefile containing what looks like polygons but the attribute table only contain a "level" column.

How would I fine the area of each of the polygons and add that to the attribute table?

Example files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mgcppedd5kvb268/AABmFCXaG39IEV4hV_q2QchPa?dl=0


luca76 February 2016

You could use the field calculator. See this help page:


All you do is to open the Attribute Table of the shapefile, from there enable the editing mode, open the calculator, add a field and use the $area variable in the expression list.

Addendum: You have to split one multipolygon to many polygons.

Do do it, go to menu

Vector -> Geometry Tools -> Multipart to singleparts

with it, you create a new shapefile with many polygons inside. Then you can calculate the area in the attribute table, as said before.

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