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PKirby February 2016

Export Qlikview report to Excel

I have created a Qlikview report that I would like to export to a Excel spreadsheet. The report has 8 sheets/tabs and navigation functionality on all. After some research I found that I need to create a button on the report that executes a macro.

Having the limited experience in Qlikview as I do, I was only able to go as far as to create the button.

Could anyone please point me in the right direction or better yet, provide me with a macro.


mickeger February 2016

You need to set an action on the button and select external - run macro. In the macro name field you type the name of your macro function/subroutine (in this case "MacroTest").

By pressing "Edit module..." you can access the macro edit mode (or by pressing Ctrl + M)

sub MacroTest
end sub

Press the button and a message box will appear.

Regarding excel exports there are a lot of working examples you can find by google.

Good luck //Micke

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