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Simon Nilsson Guldstrand February 2016

Go sendgrid failing

Im trying to send a mail with sendgrid and golang. Im using "github.com/sendgrid/sendgrid-go"

Whenever I run the part sending email in my code, I get this error:

sendgrid.go: error:net/http: Client Transport of type init.failingTransport doesn't support CancelRequest; Timeout not supported; response:<nil>

I cant figure out what it is..

This is my code:

sg := sendgrid.NewSendGridClientWithApiKey("string")
    email := sendgrid.NewMail()
    email.SetSubject("Confirm your registration at domain")
    if r := sg.Send(email); r == nil {
        log.Infof(ctx, "email sent")
    } else {
        log.Errorf(ctx, "email not sent %v", r)


Ezra March 2016

Normal Sendgrid API Usage in Go

The minimal program to use the Sendgrid API in Go is something like the following:

package main

import (

func main() {
    key := "SENDGRID_API_KEY"
    sg := sendgrid.NewSendGridClientWithApiKey(key)

    message := sendgrid.NewMail()
    message.SetSubject("SUBJECT HERE")
    message.SetHTML("BODY OF THE EMAIL")

    if r := sg.Send(message); r == nil {
    } else {

You can see the Sendgrid Go Documentation on Github.

Quirks on App Engine

The issue is that you're attempting to fetch a Url using the default net/http client, which is not allowed by App Engine. You must use urlfetch to make HTTP requests on App Engine.

You can solve this by specifying your *http.Client to use urlfetch, since Sendgrid uses a client that uses the disallowed http.DefaultTransport by default. init.failingTransport is a dummy transport method that basically just throws an error.

This is ultimately a simple change. Simply import "appengine/urlfetch" and add

client := urlfetch.Client(ctx)

A Complete Example of the SendGrid Go API on App Engine

package ezralalonde

import (

func send(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
    key := "SENDGRID_API_KEY"
    sg := sendgrid.NewSendGridClientWithApiKey(key)

    // must change the net/http client to not use default transport
    ctx : 

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