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Bhavik Tikudiya February 2016

Get all UI locators from Android/iOS screen for Mobile Automation Testing

Problem Definition: I am trying to develop a Utility which can mirror an Android/iOS device screen in my windows and on a button click it provides all the locators available on the screen in one xls file.

I am trying to find a direction to work on this. Till now i am able find that using ddmlib library for Android we can interact with DDMS. I do not know how to interact with this ddmlib library. Plus is it possible to mirror Android Screen using the ddmlib library? still a question to me.

On iOS front no luck.

Looking for a direction. Thanks!


sunder kandasamy February 2016

You can just inspect elements for both android and ios usiing appium inspector..

There is a Copy XML button in appium inspector which will save all locators as a xml file on single button click

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