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Chessmaster February 2016

How to get operator rights in ircd-hybrid?

I have installed ircd-hybrid on Ubuntu Server 14.04.2, it is running and I can connect. But when I try to /oper, I do not get operator rights, it is simply saying "Only few of mere mortals may try to enter the twilight zone". Did I configured it wrong? Or is it just impossible to /oper from over the internet and it is only allowed on the local network?

My configuration in the ircd.conf file is the standard besides this changed entries:

auth {
    user = "*@*";
    class = "users";
    password = "secret";
#   flags = need_ident;
#operator {
    name = "op";
    user = "*@*";
    password = "hello";
    encrypted = no;
    class = "opers";

I connect as a normal user with password "secret" to the server and try to get rights with

/oper op hello

Any suggestions what could be wrong?


braindigitalis February 2016

The operator tag is commented out. Replace the "#operator {" with "operator {" and then try again after rehashing the ircd with a SIGHUP.

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