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Vijaya February 2016

Can we use sqoop through cassandra java driver?

I want to transfer data from postgresql to cassandra database.As per my knowledge we can use sqoop with datastax enterprise 2.0. But i am using cassandra java driver.How can i achieve this, Any idea?

Thanks in advance.


apesa February 2016

If you're running Datastax Enterprise you will already have a sqoop installation under the DSE/Resources folder. You will have to configure the DSE environment for Hadoop use and make sure you start dse/cassandra in Analytics mode. You then use the dse sqoop commands.

You can find more details HERE

If you're not running DSE you will have to install Hadoop/Sqoop and get it configured. Sqoop will work with Hadoop Map/Reduce to process your data into Cassandra. Once you have Sqoop running you will use an Options file to detail the connection and parameters for import. Its a little more work to run this all standalone unless you have set up Hadoop before.

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