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PeakGen February 2016

How to access the TextFields of other apps in android?

I am writing an android app, and I am in need of doing the below.

  1. Identify currently open app of the user. (Let's say Skype)
  2. Track and save all the input of the user (which means save the skype messages of the user, by accessing the input fields)
  3. If the user type something that is "pre-defined" in my app, highlight that word.
  4. Application cannot be rooted.

Above things should work not only in skype, but in almost every messaging app and commonly used apps.

I went through the below URLs



Non of the things I mentioned seems possible at the moment, but I'm not sure. Any ideas?


Daniel February 2016

The second link gives you the correct answer. As mentioned there all Apps are sandboxed. This means another app cannot access any data in your app unless your app provide the data.

There are a few exceptions like rooting or compiling the app with the same id but this doesn’t fit to your problem. Think about it. Imagine every app could simply access every other app. This would be a giant security issue.

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