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Bry February 2016

Regular expression match numbers

My regular expression knowledge is poor however I have worked out what the following expression does but not sure how to modify it.

this is the expression ^[0-9]{6,15}$

which matches 6 numbers and make sure there is nothing else at the end of the string for example it matches 123456

However I need it to match 123456 and 123456-1


Robin Davis February 2016

Let's break this down: ^[0-9]{6,15}$

  • ^ : beginning of line
  • [0-9] : a character class representing any character in the range 0-9.
  • {6,15} : match between 6 and 15 (inclusive I think) occurrences of whatever the previous thing is (in this case it was a character class).
  • $ : end of line

We want to add optional matching for something like -[0-9]. We can add an optional match using ?.

All together now:


The (-[0-9])? means "optionally match a dash followed by a single digit".

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