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ps0604 February 2016

How to run Play with -feature?

This is how I run Play:

activator ~run

I'm getting the following warnings:

[warn] there were 27 feature warnings; re-run with -feature for details

But if I run Play with this command I don't see the warning details:

activator ~run -feature

How to run Play with -feature?


rumoku February 2016

You can try: activator -feature ~run

But this going to be deprecated in sbt 0.14.

You can setup this option to be used for every run. Add this to config file of your activator: ~/.activator/activatorconfig.txt

UPD. activatorconfig is the similar to sbtconfig.txt and should contains all system props that you want pass to sbt/activator.

activatorconfig should be placed in one of the below folders:

set "CFG_FILE_HOME=%UserProfile%\.activator\activatorconfig.txt"
set "CFG_FILE_VERSION=%UserProfile%\.activator\%APP_VERSION%\activatorconfig.txt"

Check you activator start script for more details.

mkurz February 2016


scalacOptions ++= Seq("-feature")

in your build.sbt file.

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