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g.pickardou February 2016

Jointjs online original demo does not work in IE 11

I am trying to use joints for simple diagramming tasks.

Recently I noticed my application is broken in IE 11. After a short investigation it turned out that even the original online demo is broken in IE 11. (missing connecting relationship lines, see attached picture) Actually the error in my app is more serious, even shapes do not rendered. All works perfectly in latest Chrome and FF.

What makes me completely helpless is the complete lack of javascript errors.

More details:

Any workaround, or missing I something? Thanks in advance

enter image description here


Ginés Bigotes February 2016

if you have the same problem on your project try to download jquery 2.03 version. have a look and check that you have the same jquery version that jointjs plugin.


If you are using multiple versions of jquery, remember to use jQuery.noConflict()

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