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SAVAFA February 2016

MySQL Unique, Index, and Fulltext indexing. All together of one is enough?

I wanted to have one specific column be unique and also optimized for searching and sorting. Meanwhile the same column should have fulltext search capability. Should I add all three indexing types (Unique, Index, and Fulltext) together on this column or not?

Please help and thanks.


Thanks @Fuujin for the quick comment.

What if I have the following indexing, no need for adding "Index" indexing anymore on neither of them, right?

ALTER TABLE `mytable` ADD UNIQUE (`column_1`, `column_2`);


Rick James February 2016

One column:


Adding INDEX would be redundant, since UNIQUE is an INDEX.

Two columns:

UNIQUE(x,y)  -- the order depend on what your queries look like (see below)
FULLTEXT(x), FULLTEXT(y) -- may need these (see below)

WHERE x > 5 AND y = 2 needs (y,x) order

If you search only one of the two columns, such as MATCH(x) AGAINST(...), then InnoDB, but not MyISAM, needs the extra FULLTEXT indexes.

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