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mwan February 2016

Subscription modelling in Flask SQLAlchemy

I am trying to model the following scenario in Flask SQLAlchemy:

There are a list of SubscriptionPacks available for purchase. When a particular User buys a SubscriptionPack they start an instance of that Subscription.

The model is as follows:


A User can have many Subscriptions (only one of which will be Active at a time) and each Subscription will be referencing one SubscriptionPack.

How would this be modelled in SQLAlchemy?

Currently I have the User.id and SubscriptionPack.id referenced as db.ForeignKey in the Subscriptions model. And I have Subscriptions referenced as a db.Relationship in the Users table. This seems inconsistent and wrong and is leading me to have to hand-code a lot of SQL statements to return the right results.

Any help as to how to do this right?


mwan February 2016

For those who stumble upon this, what I was looking for was the bidirectional SQLAlchemy Association Object pattern.

This allows the intermediate table of a Many-to-Many to have it's own stored details. In my instance above the Subscription table needed to be an Association Object (has it's own class).

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