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Klapmox February 2016

Adding string with new line characters in a file to upload to an SQL UTF8 database

I've discovered the \copy command to upload CSV/TSV files to a table. It's a very convenient method because I have a large amount of data to load at the same time.

My problem is that I have some text to load and some of them contain \n characters. Because I generate utf-8 text files, they are recognized as new line characters and can't be properly loaded in the database. Is there a way to encode them, using python function, to create my file to upload ?


Klapmox February 2016

To replace the \n I've used the python str replace method when creating my TSV file.

I replace \n by \\\\n. This method gives me some \\n in my TSV files and, because the postgreSQL insertion from the file interpret the special characters, \\n is stored as \n in the database.

So :

my_usable_string = my_string.replace("\n", "\\\\n")

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