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pele88 February 2016

JQL to retrieve all stories and sub tasks related to specific epic

Is it possible to use raw JQL (not using any plugins) to filter for ALL stories AND their respective sub-tasks?

Currently, I have the following which successfully retrieves all stories for EPIC-123:

project = PROJ1 AND "Epic Link" = EPIC-123 AND issuetype = Story ORDER BY priority DESC, updated DESC

However, I also want the sub-tasks related to those stories. So I thought this would work:

project = PROJ1 AND "Epic Link" = EPIC-123 AND (issuetype = Story OR issuetype = Sub-task) ORDER BY priority DESC, updated DESC

But this only returns the stories.

I think this is because JIRA reads this as "Retrieve sub-tasks for EPIC-123" (which is 0) as opposed to "Retrieve sub-tasks for stories in EPIC-123".

I also thought about using issue in (linkedIssues(AAA-###)) but I imagine this will involve programatically looping through all the stories that are returned in the above query. Which seems ridiculous and probably not possible.

Would rather not go down a plugin path but open to suggestions. Thanks!


Brian Pan February 2016

The function issuesWhereEpicIn() is available as of v5.2:

issue in issuesWhereEpicIn("issue = JIRA-1234”)
parent in issuesWhereEpicIn("issue = JIRA-1234")

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