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Felix Rosén February 2016

Segmentation fault on file IO

So my task is to implement a load function for a very simple server. And i cant really figure out where my segmentation fault is. I've tried to use GDB but since i use telnet with which i send http headers as input i've had a hard time with getting any results from it.

the function:

 //Loads a file into memory dynamically allocated on heap.
 //Stores address thereof in *content and length thereof in *length.

bool load(FILE* file, BYTE** content, size_t* length)
    //checks so file is open
    if(file == NULL)
        return false;

    char* buffert = malloc(BYTES * sizeof(char));


        // read into buffert
        fread(buffert, BYTES, sizeof(char), file);

        //store the pointer of this buffert in content
        *content = buffert;

        //update length
        length += 1;

        // checks for eof
        if(feof(file) != 0)


   return true;

"...BYTE, which we’ve indeed defined as an 8-bit char."



David Haim February 2016

  *content = buffert;



BYTE** content points to memory which was de-allocated. you probably want to keep this data alive as long as buffert is alive, and deallocate it then.

plus, you probably meant to write length += BYTES , since you are already reading the whole file as once. (also, the while(true) is un-needed)

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