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MSTdev February 2016

How to access network path if any space available in path

my network path

// snaps/dms/DH2304139/DH2304139_1_2_635023304446654623.jpg

now I tried with below but not worked

string imagePath = "// snaps/dms/DH2304139/DH2304139_1_2_635023304446654623.jpg";

imagePath = "@"+"'" + imagePath +"'"  ;


NikolaiDante February 2016

The UNC format for a network file path is:

string imagePath = @"\\\karomi snaps\dms\DH2304139\DH2304139_1_2_635023304446654623.jpg";

I've added an @ to avoid the first two \ being escaped. The space itself shouldn't cause an issue, assuming the account the app / site is running under has permission to connect to the share. You shouldn't need to wrap this in single quotes.

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