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YLombardi February 2016

Lemonldap skin rule based on url parameter

I try to configure lemonldap to use different skin based on the url.

I use this documentation : http://lemonldap-ng.org/documentation/1.9/portalcustom

It says:

Rule: a Perl expression (you can use %ENV hash to get environment variables, or $_url to get URL called before redirection, or $ipAddr to use user IP address). If the rule evaluation is true, the corresponding skin is applied.

I try to write a rule that return true if the $_url contains a parameter. But I don't know Perl language.

For example, if the url is http://myurl:8097/?skin=dark, I want to use the dark skin. If the url is http://myurl:8097/?skin=pastel, I want to use the pastel skin.

How can I check this with a perl expression?

I already try:

$_url =~ dark

$_url =~ $dark

$_url =~ /dark

None of this works.


ikegami February 2016

You're looking for

$_url =~ /dark/

The match operator is documented in perlop. (Search for the bullet starting with m/PATTERN/.)

It's a poor check since it looks for dark anywhere in the URL. The following would be better:

$_url =~ /[?&;]skin=dark(?:[&;]|\z)/

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