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Ronald February 2016

How to configure the web page link in jenkins job

I would like to ask a stupid question because I don't have a deeply understanding of administration and jenkins.

I have created a new git branch foo out going from an existing project branch baar and now I would like to deploy this foo branch with jenkins job. For that reasdon I have created a new jenkins job foo-job by copying an existing one job baar-job and I have just changed the branch configuration in the new job to be foo-branch.

It's actually like this: when baar-job run seccuessfully, we can call the project web page on the link http://maschine-IP:8080/project/.

My question is how to configure this project link in the new created job for the new created foo-branch? Will it be automatically http://maschine-IP:8080/project/?


sunny February 2016

Jenkins creates job URL's according to this pattern: http://maschine-IP:8080/${job name}

Then, the URL for the newly created job will be according to the new job's name. I recommend not to touch this configuration

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