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Lechon February 2016

Differences between Greenrobot EventBus and Guava's EventBus

I´ve been using quite often EventBus from greenrobot


But I´ve just realised that Guava has its own EventBus


Does someone know if there are big differences?


bwt February 2016

Both are excellent quality library.

Here is a comparison (from greenrobot developpers point of view) between greenrobot EventBus and Otto (a fork from Guava specialized for android).

I personnaly like EventBus because it support delivery in background threads

greenrobot February 2016

EventBus can do some Android specific tricks, which other implementations don't support. First, there is main thread support to conveniently switch threads.Second its performance was optimized especially for Android. For example, with EventBus 3 you get annotations without the performance downgrade you would have with Otto or Guava.

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