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Foddy February 2016

How to query a StringSet value in DynamoDB (iOS)?

I am trying to find out how to search some rows with a specific tag contained in a StringSet in AWS DynamoDB with the AWS SDK v2 for iOS.

I couldn't find anything for doing this in the official Amazon iOS documentation for DynamoDB, so I tried this expression but it doesn't work:

let queryExpression = AWSDynamoDBQueryExpression()
queryExpression.limit = 300
queryExpression.filterExpression = "tags CONTAINS :tag"
queryExpression.expressionAttributeValues = [":tag": self.searchQueryTag]

Global.appDelegate().dynamoDBObjectMapper.query(BlogPost.self, expression: queryExpression)
    .continueWithBlock({(task: AWSTask) -> AnyObject? in

    if (task.exception != nil || task.error != nil)
        completion(response: 0)
    else if ((task.result) != nil)
        if(task.result!.count > 0)
            // LIST ALL IDS…
            completion(response: 0)

    return nil

Can somebody teach me how to query as specific string in StringSets (NSSets) in DynamoDB by using the AWS iOS SDK?


Yosuke Matsuda February 2016

CONTAINS is not a valid Condition Expressions (contains is a valid function, though). IN seems to be the one you need here. You should read Syntax for Condition Expressions for more details.

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