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Robert. S February 2016

Modify github history

I apologize in advance for asking this question as it has been asked a million times already.

I need to modify the git history of my project, the commit history currently looks like this:

[E] <- [D] <- [C] <- [B] <- [A]

Where: A: Added some code, B: Added some code & added some data, C: Restructured project, D: Removed all data, E: Added some code

The problem was that at commit C our project group was notified that data had to be stored locally and not publicly on git. I am not very experienced with git so the first thing I did was to remove the data. But that did not do much since the data could still be accessed in history. How do I fix the problem so that the history looks like this:

[E] <- [C] <- [B] <- [A]

Where: A: Added some code, B: Added some code, C: Restructured project (Without any references to data) E: Added some code


SnehalK February 2016

Here is a way to remove specific commit if from history

git rebase --onto commit-id commit-id HEAD

You can use below command to remove commit "D" from history

git rebase --onto D E HEAD

jbaptperez February 2016

You can do it with these commands:

# Rebase from C commit in interactive mode...
git rebase -i C

# Then remove the D commit line in the editor, save and quit.
# You can edit commit messages by using "edit" option for
# concerned commits.
# Resolve conflicts if needed and finish rebasing.

OR (without commit message editing):

# Rebase from C: Pick E history but exclude D history
git rebase --onto C D E

Then you will have to push force the modification (with all troubles that it can lead to...).

# --force-with-lease means:
# "If anybody already pushed after the last known origin/<branch> sha1,
# The push force command will be aborted (avoids to loose newers pushes
# from your friends...).
git push --force-with-lease origin <branch>

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