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lazard February 2016

Prevent Orbeon to encode dropdown values by position

I want to prevent Orbeon from encoding dropdown values (i.e. values of select options) by position, since I need to use exact values on the client-side via JavaScript.

E.g: My options have values (150, 250, 350), but they are rendered/encoded by position as (1,2,3) on the front-end. I have tried with setting the property in properties-local.xml:


However, for some reason this doesn't work. Not sure if I am missing something. Does anybody have an idea what could be the reason for this and is it possible that I need to set this property somewhere else?

If matters, I'm using Orbeon forms with hybris Commerce suite.


ebruchez February 2016

Form Runner overrides the oxf.xforms.encrypt-item-values property, which explains why it has not effect in your case.

If you have only a few controls which require this, you should be able to set the attribute xxf:encrypt-item-values="false" directly on the xf:select1 control in the form source.

This said, I notice that if using a dropdown with fr:dropdown-select1, the attribute is not forwarded properly. So I entered an issue for this.

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