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Yolo February 2016

maven-war-plugin not filtering on local

I've been trying to use maven-war-plugin to filter web.xml with profile defined properties, and I made it work on deploying but not on my local server (Apache Tomcat 7.0.65).

I have this on web.xml


This on pom.xml

<property.variableName>This is a variable</property.variableName>

And this on the code:

InitialContext init = new InitialContext();
String variable = (String)init.lookup("java:comp/env/variableName");

The fact is that... on the generated web.xml (target/...web.xml), the variable is filtered with the new value, but deploying on local when I try to print the 'variable' value is logs ${property.variableName}

Any idea about how to fix this?

Thanks in advance and regards,


Yolo February 2016

I finally made it work. Seemed to be something related with deployment assembly which was not recognizing some folders or something like that.

The following post helped me to find it: Maven: how to fill a variable in web.xml file

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