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Nika Kiskeidze February 2016

Swagger Version Error

I have Swagger Version Error :

cat connect.js :

/*jshint node:true*/
'use strict';

var ari = require('ari-client');
var util = require('util');

ari.connect('http://localhost:8088', 'sa', 'test', clientLoaded);

// handler for client being loaded
function clientLoaded (err, client) {
if (err) {
throw err;

and when I try : #node connect.js - it returns :

[ 'This API is using a deprecated version of Swagger! Please see http://github.com/wordnik/swagger-core/wiki for more info' ]


fehguy February 2016

This message simply means that the server you're connecting to is based on the Swagger 1.2 specification or earlier. Swagger is now at 2.0.

The message you're getting also tells me that you're using a very old client. You shouldn't see the reference to Wordnik in any client made in the last 1.5 years.

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