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William Ross February 2016

AWS Credentials folder location

I am trying to install the Amazon Web Services Python SDK. I cannot find the ~/.aws/credentials folder on my machine though.

This is the page I am using for reference: https://aws.amazon.com/developers/getting-started/python/

It says the location on Windows should be like: C:\Users\USER_NAME.aws\credentials

I've done pip installs for boto, boto3, and awscli. Is there something else I need to install to get a credentials folder?


Michael B February 2016

According to the link you posted...

Create your credentials file at ~/.aws/credentials (C:\Users\USER_NAME.aws\credentials for Windows users) and save the following lines after replacing the underlined values with your own.

With the contents

aws_access_key_id = YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID
aws_secret_access_key = YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY

There's nothing you need to install, just create the file, and put that in. (obviously swapping out YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID for your actual access key, and YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY for your actual secret key ;) )

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