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Mohamed Samsudeen February 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Emulator in Android studio

Is there any possibilities to create Samsung Galaxy S6 Emulator with its actual behavior (not just skin and resolution) in Android studio?

Thanks in Advance.


arodriguezdonaire February 2016

You only have to install the skin for the Galaxy S6 to you AVD (Android Virtual Device). This is the most accurate way to emulate an S6 regarding the documentation that Samsung has.

Take a look at Install Samsung Galaxy S6 skin in your Android Emulator:

For Samsung devices, Samsung provide emulator skins for its flagships devices like Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4. In this tutorial, we’re going to install Samsung Galaxy S6 Emulator skin but process is the same for all Emulator skins you want to install on Eclipse.

It talks about eclipse, but it's applicable for the Android Studio too.

You also have a Samsung Official video here which explains the same as the tutorial.

You also have this Samsung Testlab where you can test your apps in different Samsung devices which could be more interesting for you than the skin.

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