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Ratchainant Thammasudjarit February 2016

unique combinations of values in selected columns in pandas data frame and count

I have my data in pandas data frame as follows:

df1 = pd.DataFrame({'A':['yes','yes','yes','yes','no','no','yes','yes','yes','no'],

So, my data looks like this

index         A        B
0           yes      yes
1           yes       no
2           yes       no
3           yes       no
4            no      yes
5            no      yes
6           yes       no
7           yes      yes
8           yes      yes
9            no       no

I would like to transform it to another data frame. The expected output can be shown in the following python script:

output = pd.DataFrame({'A':['no','no','yes','yes'],'B':['no','yes','no','yes'],'count':[1,2,4,3]})

So, my expected output looks like this

index      A       B       count
0         no       no        1
1         no      yes        2
2        yes       no        4
3        yes      yes        3

Actually, I can achieve to find all combinations and count them by using the following command: mytable = df1.groupby(['A','B']).size()

However, it turns out that such combinations are in a single column. I would like to separate each value in a combination into different column and also add one more column for the result of counting. Is it possible to do that? May I have your suggestions? Thank you in advance.


EdChum February 2016

You can groupby on cols 'A' and 'B' and call size and then reset_index and rename the generated column:

In [26]:

     A    B  count
0   no   no      1
1   no  yes      2
2  yes   no      4
3  yes  yes      3

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