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x10sion February 2016

Fragment Crashing when receiving data from an Activity

Good day all,

I have an issue where my activity is making a network call and when the network call is completed, it makes some changes in the activity using the data from the JSON object received from the call, it then passes the object down to the fragments in the same activity. These fragments are in a TabLayout.

I had this same issue which I asked here at this SO Question That sorted it out but I seem to be having the same issue, even after it worked for a little bit after not changing anything significant. I was just adding more fields I wanted to change?

The issue I have is that if I put a System.out.println() it prints out the correct data. The minute I want to set say a TextView with the data I receive in the Fragment the app Crashes with Nullpointer. When I debug it with the Debug in Android studio, the TextView I'm setting is always null for some reason.

Activity Code that does the initial Network call:

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


private void handleIntent(Intent aIntent) {
if (aIntent != null) {

  String tradeType = aIntent.getStringExtra("itemType");
  String tradeId = aIntent.getStringExtra("itemId");

  presenter = new ItemPresenterImpl(this, ItemBuyNowActivity.this);   
  presenter.doListingServiceCall(tradeId); // <------- This is the where I send the Trade Id so I can do the network call.
} else {
  System.out.println("Intent is null in " + ItemBuyNowActivity.class.getSimpleName());


Interface between Activity and Presenter:

public interface ItemPresenter {

void doListingServiceCall(String        


Amy February 2016

OverviewListItemFragment I assume this is not your added fragment instance, but the class.

I suggest the following changes: remove static from setData and your TextView, leave it, if you really know how it works. I don't think it is necessary or recommendable.

private OverviewListItemFragment mFrag; //declare globally

mFrag = new OverviewListItemFragment(); 
//if you do not want to add it now, ignore the following line
getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction().add(R.id.yourContainer, mFrag, "mFrag").commit();

now call mFrag.setData everytime you want to set your data. Check if your mFrag is null, then reinitialize, and maybe re-add, or whatever you want to do.

Edit: Now that I know that you use a ViewPager, I suggest the following:

Do the above. I don't think it is recommendable to have static methods in this Context. You get an error because you are trying to reach a TextView in your Fragment. This was initialized in a ViewPager/PagerAdapter, and the PagerAdapter holds the reference to the used instance of your fragment. You can access your used fragment through

 Fragment mFragment = pagerAdapter.getFragment(0); //frag at position 0

with some casting, you will be able to find your (now NOT static) method:


Please add some try/catch. check if your fragment is null, because it is possible that your fragment is recycled in the FragmentPagerAdapter, because it reached the offset. Another way to achieve this, would be to store your required data, and update it everytime your fragment gets visible as described

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