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Avinash Suresh February 2016

matlab image processing- line passing through 2 points extending beyond the x1,y1 coordinate

I have a problem to solve in matlab. I have 2 points A[x1,x2] and B[y1,y2] of my particles in Image. i want to plot a line between the 2 points and extend it beyond the x1,y1 coordinate alone.

i later check where it intersects.This will tell me where the particle originates. is there some simple code for this?

thank you




Arzeik February 2016

You should narrow down your problem a bit, but I'll suggest creating a C point in the same line as A and B, and as far from A as you wish (say, k times the distance between A and B); then plot the line between C and B.


As for finding the intersection (if it is with another line), you can solve it on paper quite easily then implement it on Matlab.

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