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Деян Добромиров February 2016

Recommended GIT gui client, able to work on a custom-mapped port repository

I've installed git server in my private home environment. Let's say that is on a port different than 80 ( for example 12345 ).

How can I make my day to day operations using my system in the port I mapped ?

I did not use 80, because I need it for something else

Can you guys recommend me a GUI Git that can work with my custom set-up ..

I'm currently looking at ... https://git-scm.com/downloads/guis


VonC February 2016

You simply add as a remote url one using the port you have specified:

git remote add origin https://yourserver:12345/yourRepo.git

You would use a similar url in any of the GUI you might end up using.

git will then use that url for any git pull/push/fetch operation.

SnehalK February 2016

If you are looking for git client recommendation, I would suggest TortoiseGit. One of the simple and most efficient tool, it integrates with Windows Explorer.

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