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abaelter February 2016

Chrome devtools hangs when loading angular app

I have a quite large angular (1.5) app which i'm experiencing some weirdness with. If I have chrome devtools open while loading the app that chrome tab runs on 100% cpu and take a minute or so to load. Memory usage will also run crazy high, up to 500 mb, once loaded everything but 150mb will get garbage collected.

After the app has loaded it runs just fine. If i load the app without devtools open it takes a second or two.

Memory usage seems stable during usage. I have eliminated the largest ngRepeats with custom repeaters so my watch count is ok.

Tried on several computers/operating systems. Tried with no chrome extensions.

This is a chrome only problem. (or at least not safari)

So, do a timeline profile you say? The weirdest thing of all is that the problem goes away if I try to record a timeline profile.

Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?


alph February 2016

It might be that DevTools are fetching source files from the page during load or something like that.

When timeline recording is active DevTools disable most of its debugging functions, that's why it runs faster.

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