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Raju Dudhrejiya February 2016

Remove .asp extension from URL in Windows Server in godaddy server

I have a website hosted on GoDaddy, and I just realized they use Windows Servers, not apache. Which means using an .htaccess file doesn't work.

I want to remove the .asp extension from website blog URL. I try using .htaccess but I am not success. can anyone please help me.


John February 2016

If your server is IIS7 or later you can use the URL rewrite module. If Godaddy don't offer RDP access you can add the rules directly to the web.config file, see this link.


If it's IIS6 things are a bit trickier. Some IIS6 hosts have the third party Helicon Tech ISAPI rewrite module installed - this uses an Apache style .htaccess file, and as you've already tried this we can assume that this isn't in your setup. The only native way to do URL rewriting on IIS6 is with a custom 404 error page, here's an article about it


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