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cdaiga February 2016

Type mismatch: cannot convert from ResultSet to BigDecimal

Hi I am using a talend job to schedule the integration of data from one database to another. My job is like:


In my tOracleRow there is a big decimal value I get using a select query:

Select my_value+1 my_value from MY_TABLE where id=?

I also propagated the query on one of my input, and using a preparedStatement.

On running the job I keep having this error: Type mismatch: cannot convert from ResultSet to BigDecimal, on my tOracleRow component.


cdaiga February 2016

I finally resolve the problem, I set the type of my_value of tOracleInput, tMap, tOracleRow, and tOracleRecordSet to Object. At the level of the tOracleOutput I then set it to BigDecimal. The value of my_value from the tOracleRecordSet is casted to BigDecimal before being parsed to the my_value of tOracleOutput.

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