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Enterprise Architect: v9.2 trial - i cant multiselect relationships in diagram

trialling EA 9.2. I have a problem in a class domain model, i want to not show the package where the element came from - just the class name cant find how to suppress the package name

also i want to show the enumeration but not the source/target labels. I have to select each association in turn and disable the bits i don't want - i can't find a global diagram default, and EA wont let me multi-select using CTRL mouse select.

is there a dafult at diagram level for this. Why doesn't multi-select work ?

Does any one know what i might be doing wrong. Its too fiddly and taking a lot of effort to get the diagrams as i wish to show them


ahesa February 2016

For package names you can : right click on the diagram, select "Properties", select the "Diagram" tab and check, uncheck "Show Namespace" and "Fully Qualified Namespace".

Or you can go to Tools->Options->Diagram and check/uncheck "Disable fully scoped object names".

For the enumeration source/target labels, you can multiselect by draging a square around the connections you want to modify. Not sure if it will work with what you trying to do.

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