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nightfixed February 2016

Android - Facebook Event track Purchase

I'm working on implementing the Facebook tracking of Purchase event in Android. I followed the guide here https://developers.facebook.com/docs/app-events/android, and made a custom Bundle to send to FB.

The problem is, on the Facebook page of events, I don't see the Value column updated for the Purchase event.

This is the code:

        Bundle parameters = new Bundle();
        parameters.putString(AppEventsConstants.EVENT_PARAM_CURRENCY, mCurrency);
        parameters.putString(AppEventsConstants.EVENT_PARAM_CONTENT_TYPE, mProductType);
        parameters.putString(AppEventsConstants.EVENT_PARAM_CONTENT_ID, mPurchaseID);
        Double valueToSum = 12.042289; //this is how the price looks like

        AppEventsLogger logger = AppEventsLogger.newLogger(this);
        logger.logEvent(AppEventsConstants.EVENT_NAME_PURCHASED, valueToSum, parameters);

My problem is that, the valueToSum does not sum in the Facebook Events page. It's always shown as "-".

Any ideas what I am actually doing wrong?

Much appreciated.


AndreiBogdan February 2016

It takes a while for the data to update on the dashboard. Try checking it the next day or so ...

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