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Suda.nese February 2016

Windows 10: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000a200)

I am developing my QT application on windows 10 . The development is complete (as for now).

After run the application in debug mode from QT-creator, I am trying to run the executable from the build directory. But it shows me an "Application Error" dialog with the following message:

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000a200). Click OK to close the application.

What is the problem and How to fix it ?!


Cody Gray February 2016

The error codes are given to you in the error message for a reason. They don't mean anything to regular users, but we're programmers and we are the intended audience. Now that Google has been invented, you have absolutely no excuse for not taking the 5 seconds to Google the error code and see what it means.

In this case, 0xc000a200 is an error code that corresponds to STATUS_NOT_APPCONTAINER. The master list of COM error codes is in the Windows SDK headers, specifically ntstatus.h. If one looks this one up, one sees the following description:

This operation is only valid in the context of an app container.

Now, admittedly, once you get to this point, you may discover that you are in well over your head. You may not have any idea what an app container is, and certainly no clue about how to fix it. But at least then you would be able to ask a good question, which will go a long way to getting you a good answer.

But let's see if you can get lucky this time anyway. This error is most commonly encountered when an application that is not inside of an app container tries to load a DLL that is marked as being part of an app container. It is the linker that is responsible for marking a DLL as being or not being part of an app container, controlled by a series of options for whatever linker you're using. On Microsoft's linker, it is /APPCONTAINER:YES and /APPCONTAINER:NO that control this. I'm not sure what toolchain Qt Creator uses, but if it is not Microsoft's, this should at least get you started looking in the right place in that linker's documentation. Make sure that all DLLs used by your application are not being marked as part of an app container.

The option should be off by default for a regul

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