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Sumit Parakh February 2016

Getting 'Not Found' page in polymer app

I'm very new to Polymer. i read this official polymer documentation and downloaded a code sample and ran it using polyserve without modifying the code.I followed instructions given in polymer-project website. I installed every required components but after running polyserve command, it shows a page with 'Not found' text. Please help me. I've installed npm 3.3.6,node v5.0.0.,gulp 3.9.0 and bower 1.7.7. All the commands are running fine without any error. I can't understand what exactly is going wrong.Am i missing something?

Polyserve output


akc42 February 2016

You don't say what URL you are trying to access in the browser, but the sample code doesn't have any index.html file at its root, so accessing it there will fail.

There is an index.html in the demo directory, so you might have to add that to the url to access it.

jeanPokou February 2016

Make sure the default port used by polyserve (3000) is not busy,you can use polyserve -p 8000 to try other port

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