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Sushil_Arora February 2016

How to make a backgroundtask run in-process

I have Cordova based JS UWP app. It is a startup project. It is also using C++ WINRT component. I want the background task (written in C++) to communicate with the main APP.

If the Startup app is C++/C# , we can specify in the app manifest file

<Extension Category="windows.backgroundTasks" EntryPoint="BGTASK.BackGroundTaskHandler" Executable="MainApp.exe">
            <Task Type="systemEvent" />

But if the main app is JS app, on specifying Executable="MainApp.exe" it throws an error. Can anybody tell how to do this.


Ivan Ičin March 2016

Executable is not required, you can omit it and is should work.

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